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How the Elevate Direct 2.0 rewards program works

Elevate Member Benefits Include
  • 24/7 online access
  • Free unlimited wifi
  • No reservation fees
  • Consolidate company travel in one place
  • Pay on arrival at hotel
  • Unlimited travellers per company
  • Easy and fast reservation process
  • Unique online booking code
  • Flexible cancellation
  • Eligible at all Meriton Suites locations

Elevate Direct 2.0 is our annual self-managed online corporate program designed to offer your company the freedom and flexibility of all Meriton Suites locations with greater discounts the more you stay.

Gone are the days of endless paperwork and complicated contracts. Elevate Direct 2.0 has an easy enrolment process and rewards your company by offering real discounts for loyalty plus being self-managed, you have complete control.

save$10 per night
  • All Suites save $10 per night
save up to $45 per night
SILVER 100+ Stayed Nights
  • Studio & 1 Bedroom Suites Save $15 per night
  • 2 Bedroom Suites Save $30 per night
  • 3 Bedroom Suites Save $45 per night
save up to $60 per night
GOLD 200+ Stayed Nights
  • Studio & 1 Bedroom Suites Save $20 per night
  • 2 Bedroom Suites Save $40 per night
  • 3 Bedroom Suites Save $60 per night

Elevate Direct 2.0 enables you to access online discounted rates 24 hours a day with real-time last minute availability – meaning if it’s the last suite left you can reserve it at your discounted rate. Not only are your rates available any day of the week but across all Meriton Suites locations – and that includes any new hotels that open after you’ve enrolled. Qualifying nights are reviewed weekly and when you achieve enough for the next level your company will automatically be elevated so that all future reservations made will be entitled to the new discount associated with that tier. Enrol today and start saving. View full terms and conditions here.

Elevate Direct 2.0 Application

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